Once again we are holding "Turkey Day" on Thursday the 23rd December. As ever we shall be selling the delicous turkeys from the Walters family in Aldworth, Geese from Peach Croft farm in Abingdon, Pork products from Vicars game in Ashampstead. Emily Rait Catering will be providing the Turkey Trimmings!


All you have to do is open the  PDF below and place your order with us ( we have attached the order form in "word" format so you can type on that and email it across if it makes your life easier!)

Any questions please hit the "contact us" tab on top of page or give us a call on 01491 638 224

Many thanks 


All at White Pond Farm

We Are afraid to say walters have sold out of turkeys, we are still taking pork and emily rait orders till the 10th december...Sorry!

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