Our cattle (Aberdeen Angus + Hereford) have a simple life at White Pond, they arrive as 2-week-old calves and spend over two years here. 

We try and have our animals grazing the valleys and hills as much as possible and only bring them in when necessary. We use minimal antibiotics and always evolving  to improve the barns and feeds to ensure we have healthy happy cattle, 

The cattle are fed on home grown, haylage and clover and bedded up with our own straw. Their barley is also home grown and blended with a specially designed mineral and protein mix.

All this produces a well marbled and tasty beef.

We try and keep stock in the freezer so please call us up or drop in but we can sell out so feel free to call us with an order!

Eighth of an animal £250

Fillet, rump and sirloin steaks : 3kg total.    4x roasting joints: approx 1.5kg each, Rolled rib joint : 2kg,    Brisket joint: 2kg,    Braising and shin: 2kg total,           Stewing and mince 5kg total

Fillet steak

£60.00 / kg

Sirloin Steak

£29.00 / kg

rump Steak

£19.00 / kg

Ribs on the bone

£27.00 /kg

Rolled Rib

£17.00 / kg

Sirloin joint

£28.50 / kg


£17.00 / kg


£15.00 /kg


£11 / kg

Braising Steak

£11.00 / kg

Cote De Boeuf

£30 / kg


£9.00 / kg


£10.00 / kg